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Laura Joy: Guitar and Vox


Remember by Laura Joy

I remember you
The crowd was loud
And your voice cut through
Your guitar was proud

I remember you
It's strange to lose touch
With folks who change us
so dang much

I wasn’t gonna fight with you
I knew I wasn’t right for you
I saw wounds you
Wouldn’t look at
And let heal
But you lit a part of me on fire
When I’d forgotten
I’d forgotten how to feel

I remember us
Laughing in your little red car
Shivering in December
When it wouldn’t start

I remember us
And that long cold winter
Keeping each other warm
Before the whole world splintered

Do you remember me?
Or was I just one more planet
Circling the star of you
My axis and viewpoint slanted

You haven’t changed a bit
I’d put money on it
And who am I to say
If I’ve grown
But you’re not someone
I’ll forget I’ve known

Do you remember me?