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Laura Joy: Guitar and Vox


Here by Laura Joy

Ticking time bomb
alarm on my desk
Every morning
I wake up and ask
What can I do to break this ceiling
I can’t see
What can I do to make this day end differently

Money in my pocket
And a sense of worth
Simple pleasures
I’ve known less since birth
What do you do that’s so much
Better than me?Good thing the sun in the sky is free.

Work a little harder. Work hard to get ahead
Work a little harder. Just work harder they said

I say I want to get away from here
Here is not a place.
It's lacking what you need
After trying for years
It’s losing what you had
Here is facing your fears
How do I get outta here?

Cover your face
Just need to see your eyes
Cover your mouth
don’t need to hear your lies
can’t cover your tracks
shoes are caked in facts
Can’t shutter these dreams
Light cuts through the cracks

Climb a little higher. The ladder’s so tall
Climb a little higher. Careful you don’t fall

Fire on the mountain
Gonna have to let it burn
Fire in the canyon
We’ve got so much to learn
can’t put out flames
When there’s too much fuel
Heat wakes up the seeds
We’ve got tools to renew

You say I’m so done with being here
Here is just a place
We can get what we need
We’ve been training for years
Starts with a ripple then a
Wave then the sea
It starts from the bottom
Gathers, grows up like a tree
break the walls with truth
and you’re free
We’re gonna get out of here.