What I Know

What I Know invites you into Laura’s world of ‘life as she knows it,’ whittling down the essential contradictions, simple pleasures, and little comedies to reveal journeys that resonate deeply with everyone. Marked by memorable melodies, clever lyrics and intoxicating rhythms, these tunes linger on long after the first spin.

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Six Flights

New York-based singer-songwriter Laura Joy has been known to quell dark, angry bars full of ornery old Irishmen. Drawing comparisons that range from Joni Mitchell to Ani DiFranco, singer-songwriter Laura Joy’s percussive finger picking and buoyant voice have graced audiences from as far as the Sun Belt to the streets of Manhattan Island.

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Laura Joy

250 copies of this CD were made. When they’re gone, they’re gone, as Laura considers this first recording to be more of a demo than an actual album. It was recorded over a span of 4 hours at an old church turned recording studio in Ithaca, NY. Entirely solo-acoustic. Entirely Laura.

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