Remember that show I played in the dead of Chicago winter?

I know, that’s like every show I played from January through April. Which one, Laura, which one? I’m speaking specifically of the show on February 16, 2013 (the one where I made the mistake of wearing tights instead of socks and briefly lost feeling in my left foot while walking from my car). Just so happens I recently received some videos from that night.  Wooo! It’s second best to actually having been there!

Second Unitarian (“2U,” as the insiders call it) has an annual Folk Fundraiser, and they graciously invited yours truly to headline this year’s event on a double-bill with the unstoppable Chris Corsale. I’ll tell you what, I’ll sing in a cavernous chapel every chance I can get. The acoustics of such spaces are among my favoritest things ever. Oh, and it didn’t hurt that this specific chapel was full of folks I love, my Chi-town regulars and then some.

Let’s travel back in time to that cold night in February…

“Courting Disaster”

“The Message”

Stevie Nicks’ – “Landslide”


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