Call Me Ishmael

Some weeks ago — never mind how long precisely — having little or no money in my purse, and nothing particular to interest me on shore… I went down to Brooklyn and filmed a “Call Me Maybe” parody.

We had missed riding in on that initial tidal wave of horrible (aka awesome?) parodies that occurred in June/July of this summer. But what did we have to lose? Nothing. Certainly not pride. Furthermore, why had this particular version not been done yet? Does no one read classic literature anymore? Is the ratio of AP English students to YouTube filmmakers that unbalanced? Apparently, yes.

I want to clarify that I did not think of this brilliant idea, nor did I write, film, or edit it. It was an Operation: Freedom collaborative effort. Yes, remember the awesome little band I toured with through Kentucky and Tennessee earlier this summer? Here’s a sample of the magic.

My job was to get dressed up in a ridiculous costume and sing like a popstar (which I discovered I can’t do without a strong dose of sarcasm). One boom mic and a copy of Garage Band later, now you all know what I’m capable of. Sony, I’m waiting for your call.

Other things worth mentioning:

1)  Poetic license: Taken. The rhyme scheme was too sweet.
(That’s for all of you, “It’s more commonly pronounced ‘ki’ not ‘qway’…” people.)
2) I’m available for birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events.
3) Suspenders come at an extra charge.



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