Two months since I last updated. What happened? What is happening? Despite being from the beginning of April, my last post still sums up the past 60+ days.

Yes, I’ve kept researching and experimenting with ways of living a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle, but I’m finding it’s not always worth a blog entry. A lot of it is about mindset and common sense. Honestly, I’ve had to focus more on “sustaining” myself. I went a little overboard while taking care of things in Phoenix, which I think the accountant summed up nicely by saying, “You’re an oddity. You’ve actually completed a three year task in two months.” A very tired, somewhat ragged oddity who is very happy to be sitting on her couch in Chicago.

This year, I’ve had to give up a lot of what I knew. Most moments have been about shifting… accepting… letting go. I don’t say that in a woe-is-me fashion because doors are opening every which way, ushering in new opportunities. The problem with some opportunities is that you have to decide whether you’ve got it in you to take them.

After many years of public transit and rides from generous family and friends, I now own my first car. Rather, I inherited it. Mom’s station wagon is not the sexiest vehicle. But it did just get me and a TON of stuff from Phoenix to Chicago without a hitch at an average of 33mpg. Late on Monday night, deep in the quiet farmlands Iowa, I realized that I was really quite happy. The car and I had bonded. It’s gone from being Mom’s Car to My Car. Door #1 opened.

While I was out in AZ, I booked a number of gigs. Gigs that I could have never booked without knowing I’d have a car. Gigs that I would have never booked if I’d had to balance them with a full time or even part time day job schedule. So it looks as though I’ve made a choice. And it is at once terrifying and exhilarating. Not having another job, while initially extremely frustrating and frightening, was actually Door #2.

As of tomorrow (sooner than I planned), I am going to start seriously touring, or as a few close friends of mine have put it, “Going pro.” I’ve realized it doesn’t matter how it pans out. There are a lot of factors at play, and yes, I have a few backup plans. But I need to do this one thing for myself right now. This. One. Thing.

So now we’re shifting focus a little bit, moving from the theme of mostly environmental sustainability to physical, emotional, and financial sustainability. It’s the sort of thing I can only learn while doing, and judging from the past 3 days of driving, there will be stories – oh, will there be stories.

And so I head to Indiana tomorrow and Ohio this weekend. The gig calendar on this site is the best place to find out where I’m going next. Trust me, I’ll keep you all updated! See you on the road.

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