This is the computer I used in 6th grade. It is good for stacking things on.

So I’m adjusting my life accordingly… but not blogging. There’s a lot going on here, and I lose track of the days. Henceforth, Mondays are Blog Post days. Oh look, it’s Monday!

Alright guys, I’m currently cleaning out the house I grew up in (also booking gigs, writing music, dealing with estate business, teaching myself to live an organic lifestyle, so the blog… right, the blog). The house is full of beautiful relics circa 1972 – 2000. After a few hours of going through things, I risk forgetting what decade I live in. Earlier last week, I almost stepped outside of the house in a Cosby Sweater and a beret because I’d lost perspective.

So, there is a lot of stuff. And lo, it is old and quite dust ridden. I think I accidentally drank some green tea this morning that was vintage 2000… whatever, I’m fine. *twitch* I want to focus on a particular group of items: Electronics That are Too Old for the Internet.  Yes, those 50lb monitors and bulky desktops that sit out in your garage dreaming of the day when they can remind you how friggin AWESOME Windows 95 is. And were you to hook them up to wifi… well, you can’t. That’s fine. There would likely be an explosion.

A small sampling of the items I have thus far collected: 3 computers, 3 CD players, 2 TVs (not the type advisable for hanging on walls), 2 VCRS, 2 cell phones, 2 stereos and a tangled nest of mysterious chargers. Obviously, I can’t dump all of this stuff in the alley out back. What to do… what to do… I gazed briefly at a phone book from 2007. But wait, I live in 2012! I can actually use MY PHONE to Google the words “electronic” and “recycle” and “Phoenix”.  Behold the fruits of my labor:

Guess where I’m going this week? Besides Carly’s Bistro where I’m playing from 10pm to 1am. That’s right. Phoenix Electronics Recycling.










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