How My Caffeine Addiction was Ruining the Earth, Part 1

When I decided to start the “Folk Sustainability Project” back in January, I had no idea what was ahead of me.

Just a few days later, mom’s condition took a turn for the worse and I was a mess. I didn’t give a damn about how often I went to Starbucks. All that mattered was that there was coffee, horrible-tasting-but-highly-caffeinated coffee, and it was going into my body so I could continue to function on 4 hours of sleep. COFFEE. Nevertheless, in a moment of clarity (likely after some sleep), I bought a tumbler at Target and started getting it filled at local Phoenix coffee joints instead of Starbucks. That little adjustment alone required a surprising amount of effort. I had to find an eco-friendly tumbler, I had to remember to have it with me if I was planning to caffeinate on the go, and I had to plan where to get coffee rather than just stopping wherever whenever. But the change was made! I no longer create coffee cup trash, and my caffeine problem supports local businesses. But I haven’t even gotten into Fair Trade issues yet. Next time. Baby steps.

Does not contain Starbucks Coffee.

So new habits take substantial effort to build. And the old ones can be a bitch to break. We know this. After two months of what I can only begin to call EPIC change, I am now prepared to make the major lifestyle shift to learn how to live sustainably. The tumbler is just the beginning. I’m going ALL IN. I get that it’s going to be a challenge. I’ll probably whine. But at the same time, I’m watching gas prices rise, I’m seeing the amount of trash I make daily, how the sky is a lovely shade of brownish blue (great sunsets!)… just remind me to read that over when I’m struggling over something ridiculous, like a solar-powered amp. I haven’t quite decided where to draw the line yet. In conclusion…

PROBLEM: Impulse coffee purchases that create waste and don’t support local business.
SOLUTION: Buy an on-the-go tumbler and frequent independent coffee shops.

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