Moving on… up.

Great news! Tomorrow, we will have a couch. Behind me sits a beautiful example of Art Deco woodwork in the form of a dresser. I swear, it smells like… like smoke, Old Spice, and the WPA. Thank you, Craigslist. We will treasure it always.

Boxes full of only slightly useful things.

On Saturday, this past weekend, we dragged the last of my belongings out of a Budget Rental Moving Truck and up the purple stairs. Having now brought all of my things from Phoenix to New York City to Albany to Chicago, I realize upon opening each box… that a fair amount of it is junk. It’s like I’ve been carrying all of these prior versions of myself for posterity. But posterity is friggin heavy and ridiculous after awhile. In fact, carrying too much of it at one time can lead to injury. You can throw your back out in the name of posterity. But what about now? What do I need now? I need less things. You can have them, if you want. Maybe I’ll have an internet rummage sale. Maybe I’ll put a few boxes out back with a sign that says “YOU CAN HAS!!!” Because seriously, now that I’ve carried it up all of the stairs, I have no need for it. Really, it was just an elaborate workout plan 10 years in the making.

I’ve got a gig coming up on Thursday, August 4th at 9:30pm that I’m pretty excited about. It’s upstairs (see, it’s a theme) at the Lucky Number Grill on Milwaukee (1931 N. Milwaukee, Chicago, Illinois, 60647). I’ll be sharing the evening with Woodrow Hart. I’m telling you, it’s gonna be a beautiful evening. I’ll report back eventually but… wouldn’t you rather see it first hand? I thought so.

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