I’ve had Al the Aloe Plant for about five years. I bought him at grocery store in upper Manhattan. He was a quiet little plant, kept to himself, and essentially thrived on neglect. But recently, Al has gotten a little… unruly. I think he was over-watered while I was away these past few months. Not in a sickly, drowning way, but in a “SO THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO BE LIVING!” way.

Now I find myself lying awake at night, listening for the sound of my aloe plant dragging itself off the shelf with its newfound goal of world domination.

I think if I left a jar next to Al overnight, it’d be open the next morning.

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One Response to Left town for too long. Houseplants are rebelling…

  1. Tyler Olson says:

    Al is looking very scary there. If he starts taking in a bass voice, asking to be called “Audrey II”- RUN!

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